Monday, December 10, 2012

Funny Story

Last week I received a special order for my Hanukkah card, "Percival's Noodles," via The Nancydraws Shop on Etsy. The customer wanted 12 of them, saying that they were perfect for her Chinese-Jewish family!

I definitely hadn't had this scenerio in mind when I created the card, but that's one of the great things about Etsy, there are so many special and unique items for sale, you're likely to find a one-of-a-kind gift (or card!) for someone on your list.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hello, again!

Here's an image from a booklet about Adele and Henrí that I intend on self-publishing in print and tablet forms. I'll share more details once I am closer to being finished. If you scroll down you'll see the first finished illustration and a sketch for another that I will begin soon.

Are you on Twitter? Adele is now twittering, as is my pigeon friend, Percival Featherington III. You can find them under these Twitter handles: @Adele_18th and @Percival_F3

This tip is travel related: "Attach a decorated basket to your bicycle."
Henrí's though bubble will be "This one is nicely sized!"

Adele's tip for adding French style to your wardrobe: "Accessorize with scarves!"
Henrí's reaction: "Mmmmf! Mmmf!"

Au revoir, thanks for checking in!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Percival is here!

Here's the finished portrait of every one's favorite Bird-About-Town, Percival Featherington III, framed by lovely scroll-work and Brooklyn-baked bagels. For the frame, I transferred my original drawing onto fabric and embroidered the design, then enlarged it when I scanned it in to work the collage aspect in Photoshop.

Ms. Holly Moser-Ross is the winner of a framed print of this artwork, but I will also offer it as a print and blank greeting card in The Nancydraws Shop... soon!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Cleaning

I had one of those days where every chore I took on seemed to take forever to finish, then when I had time to work on something creative I just couldn't seem to focus. Instead, I ended up cleaning up my work space since my drawing table often becomes a "dumping ground" for things that I'm not sure what to do with, or am too lazy to put away immediately.

I decided that since I have some time set aside for my artwork next week, I might as well take the opportunity to clear things up and make it a pleasant place to work. The clutter was part of what was distracting me; all that stuff kept getting in my way! I had left sketches and supplies out for my Christmas and Valentine's cards, so I filed the papers, put away things that didn't belong there, and even shredded a pile of papers sitting in the shredder which lives under the desk. Now my desk is an open runway for new projects: Clear for take-off!

Recently, on another organizing binge, I discovered a birthday card illustration from some years back that I had forgotten about, so I made time yesterday to post it in The Nancydraws Shop. Pictured above, the card features Adele and her feline pal, Henrí, on their way to a birthday celebration.

I hope you are inspired by Spring to create, clean-up, or both!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pigeon in Progress

In January, I asked people to suggest and then vote on what my pigeon character's name should be. Holly Moser suggested the name that ended up getting the most votes, so she wins a portrait of: Percival Featherington III!

I have begun working on the prize... and decided to show off some of the preliminary sketches. Above are sketches of Percival in his signature Santa hat, and below is the frame drawing, transferred onto fabric and ready for stitching. The final product will be a digital file with these 2 elements and others combined with my Photoshop collage-ing technique.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Crafting for a Cause

Earlier this month, HQ sent out a call for members and friends to contribute handmade or vintage Valentine greeting cards to be distributed to Citymeals-on-Wheels clients on Valentine's Day. What fun it would be, I thought, to invite friends to join me on Saturday night for dinner and crafting... and it was!

Elaine, Elle, Kat, Holly, and Janet came over to my place last weekend. I served Penne Alla Vodka and my favorite salad. After dinner and some wine, we spread out ourselves and our craft supplies on the living room floor to start creating. There was some trepidation at first, but once we began putting things together, inspiration took hold. Listening to our favorite tunes from the 80s helped, too! In the end, we had 18 Valentine's cards to contribute to Etsy's cause! I would have been happy if we had 1 or 2 cards per person, so I'm bowled over by everyone's efforts. Links and results follow:

Craft Central!

Janet working on one of her cards.

Holly's delicious chocolate-cherry cupcakes for dessert!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Who Do You Love?

I have three new Valentines on offer in The Nancydraws Shop. I knew I wanted to feature Percival Featherington III, Brooklyn pigeon extraordinaire, but I also wanted cards for pigeons... I mean... persons of every persuasion. To keep things simple, I've swapped in same-sex pigeons where applicable. Did you know that pigeons are excellent actors? A Happy Valentine's Day to all!

The Nancydraws Shop