Wednesday, June 22, 2011

AIR Gallery art

I painted and drew the artwork picture above for the A.I.R. gallery's benefit show Wish You Were Here 10. Many artists, both well-known (for example, Yoko Ono) and lesser-known (for example, me) contributed 4" x" 6" original art. I was there tonight for the main opening of the postcard show and it was a lot of fun to see all of the different styles and materials that the contributors worked with.

For more info, visit the gallery's exhibits page:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Show of Hands

In this post I have to be honest, I am not good at drawing hands. Since my college figure drawing classes, rendering that body part has always given me the most trouble. In my sketches, they end up looking like "Attack of The Claw," sausages, (as one of my Illustration professors put it), or worse! So please bear that in mind when you look at the next page of Adele's story. The "hand" that appears here is definitely better than how they usually come out, but I think Adele's hands should look more elegant, so I'll be working on that some more.

Also, I have been uploading the pages out of order, this is page 2, page 1 was posted on May 25.

Rainy Weekend Post

I'm taking a break from the errands and cleaning doldrums on this rainy Sunday to share another page of the Adele book. Most of what I currently have is at this level of completion. I am still fine-tuning the composition and details, but I have decided that this one looks good enough to share. I may post it again once it is more complete.